New FMT Patriot CNC Router, 4'x8' Table, 11HP Spindle with 8 Station Auto Tool Changer, 4th Axis Rotary Lathe

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New FMT Patriot CNC Router, 4'x8' Table, 11HP Spindle with 8 Station Auto Tool Changer, 4th Axis Rotary Lathe
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New Freedom Machine Tool Patriot CNC Router - 4'x8' Table with 4th Axis Rotary Lathe
The Patriot by Freedom Machine Tool is the best combination of quality and price on market today. This configuration is designed for sheet fabricators and cabinet shop type applications. Highlights include a matched set of Servos and Drives with absolute encoders, Precision Ball Screws on all Axes, and Fagor 8037 Industrial Controls.
Base Machine Configuration:
3-Axis, moving gantry design with a 4' x 8' work area
Welded steel tube, angle and plate framework, precision machined, drilled and tapped to accept a 4' x 8' table option from Freedom Machine Tool (FMT) or one produced by the customer
Z-Axis tool plate with a 7', servo driven, vertical stroke, ready to accept a spindle option from FMT, or it can be configured by the customer (1', 2' and 3' spacers can be added, see options)
208/230V, Three Phase, 60 Hz power (220V, Single Phase available in certain configurations, see options)
FAGOR 8037 Industrial CNC control with color CRT, 1 MB eeprom memory, 128 MB flash-disk program storage, USB port for memory stick program transfer, M&G code programming, tool path graphics, and feed-rate and spindle speed override.
Click to download the FAGOR 8037 Catalog674.53 KB.
Profiled rails with recirculating bearing blocks on all axes
Precision ball-screws with anti-backlash ball-nuts on all axes
Industrial quality brush-less AC servo motors and matching servo amplifiers on all axes. 
HSD ES919 - 11HP, continuous duty, push-button/quick-change/ATC routing spindle, programmable from 2,000 - 24,000 RPM. Requires the 'tool rack' option to be a fully automatic tool change machine. Includes 1 - ISO 30 tool holder with collet and cover-nut, and spindle wrenches. The spindle is electric fan-cooled for quiet operation.
  4' x 8' 2-Zone (2 - 4' x 4' zones), phenolic vacuum plenum with 2 - manual controls
Optional Included Accessories:
8-Position tool rack (must be combined with an ATC spindle) for fully automatic tool change capabilities.
Automatic tool height sensor (available with all spindle options). Uses the 6th position on the tool rack. The fully automatic tool change machine becomes 5-position.
Tool holder set: Four ISO-30 tool holders with collet & cover-nut and tightening fixture.
Dust hood for point-of-generation chip collection. 5' port requires a minimum 1,000 cfm dust collector hook-up. Dust collector not included.
Patriot 4 x 8 Lathe attachment - Servo driven, 4th Axis lathe unit, 10”D, 84”L, 4 jaw independent chuck
Vacuum Pump:
  8.6 HP Becker VTLF 2.250, 169 ACFM, 208/220/460V, Three Phase, 60 Hz