Starview FAB-PH8-1418 Medical Blister Sealer

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Eight-station Fully Automatic Rotary Blister Sealing Machine

Remote access - Ethernet standard / Wi-Fi optional

Medium format 14” x 18” sealing area accommodates a wide range of package sizes

Excellent for high volume OEM’s and contract packagers

Process controls for validation

Validation port with direct device connections

USB connection for cycle history download to flash drive

Heavy-duty industrial design floor model machine

Automatic tray feeder, secondary feeder & finished package unloader included standard

Larger standard and custom machine sizes and features quoted on request


Standard Features

Programmable logic control (Omron)

Intelligent system that allows changes or upgrades from a Starview provided flash memory
Ethernet connection to PLC and HMI allows remote access by customer from PC, Laptop, smartphones and tablet devices to HMI screens and PLC functions, and by Starview for program changes, diagnosis or updates when internet connected.  Optional Wi-Fi connection available.

Color HMI includes:

Time and date displayed on HMI
System monitoring page.  Heating zone temperatures, system pressure, batch counter and job recipe displayed at a glance
Production counter page displays total machine cycles, current job cycles and current job completed packages.  Production speeds are displayed in both cycles per minute and packages per minute
Machine standby mode.  7-day programmable schedule allows automatic machine start-up and shut down
Full Job Recipe storage with memory for up to 100 different recipes
History page with last 80,000 cycles stored and displayed with time and date stamp.  Stored in machine memory for 300 days.
Dual Mode Seal Timer- may be set to start when press cylinder is energized or when press reaches full pressure in sealing position
Machine user settings password protected for up to three (3) users
Total machine settings including access to calibration “maintenance” password protected (1) user
Temperature controllers, digital on screen with alarms.  PID controller with auto-tuning feature.
Independent heater zones each with individual temperature controllers
Temperature readout may be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Temperature controller can be calibrated from the HMI
Heater cartridge failure detection with on-screen alarm and mapping
Password protected temperature and timer settings
Table speed control
Table rotation delay timer
Manual / Auto mode
Complete manual control of all individual functions for set up
Table jog
Pressure transducer with on-screen display
Pressure transducer may be calibrated
Pressure readout-may be displayed in PSI or kPa
User settable machine air pressure alarm and cycle stop
Machine diagnostics with difficulty location
On-screen system errors for troubleshooting
Last 7-days alarms stored and displayed with time and date stamp
Electrical parts page(s)
Pneumatic parts page(s)
Mechanical parts page(s)

Starview exclusive validation and data download panel includes:

Control panel mounted in dust tight enclosure
Direct connection to each heating zone thermocouple –connector provided
Quick connection to air line at pressure transducer to validate-male fitting with flexible tube provided
Direct connection to sealing timer circuit
USB connection for flash drive to download data history
RS-232C real time data output to computer or printer-cable included


Light Tower consisting of a three-lamp tower mounted to machine with indicators

Solid Green Light – Machine running in auto mode

Solid Red Light – Machine in emergency stop mode

Solid Yellow Light – Machine in stop mode and ready for re-start

Flashing Red Light – Machine in maintenance mode

Flashing Yellow Light – Production Counter has reached set point


Two-position START/STOP system for Auto Mode
Emergency STOP push button
Safety swing gate on rotary switch at exposed entrance and exit of feeders exposed to operator loading stations
High pressure pneumatic sealing cylinder
Quick-change mounting for relieved face plates standard
Hot plate insulator
Automatic turntable, cam index drive with variable speed AC variable frequency controller
Rotary table perimeter safety guard

Two automatic feeders with quick-change mounting for magazine and vacuum plate
Air knife separator circuit and valves for blister feeder.  Requires air knife blister tooling.
Central miss-feed sensor on vacuum system for automatic feeding stations and finished package unloader
Quick-connect vacuum tubing fittings on all feeder and unload stations

Automatic finished package unloading with quick-change mounting for vacuum plate assemblies
Vacuum Pump with surge tank
Filter installed in each vacuum line
Filter, Regulator & Pressure gauge installed on airline
Safety pressure relief valve on emergency
Class 100 clean room air exhaust filter
Easy access through rear of machine for tooling changeover or maintenance

Welded heavy-wall steel tube construction
Hard anodized aluminum rotary table
Aluminum components anodized
Steel components powder coated white


208-230 Volts / 3 PH / 25 Amps

24 Volts DC

Heating system:
Cartridge type 4.8 KW

Number of independently controlled heat zones:

Pneumatic cylinder bore size:
1 Two Stage @ 8"

Maximum air consumption per cycle:
3.0 scf @ 100 psi

Seal area:
14" x 18"

Sealing force:
10,000 lbs. @ 100 psi air

Air inlet size:
1/2” NPT female

Open loading stations:

Standard tray depth:
3.0" – See note #1

Standard allowable upward projection:

Cycle speed:
Variable 1 to 18 on average

Approximate dimensions:
111”D x 105”W x 71”H

Working Height:

Approximate weight:
3,000 LB.

Note #1: For trays over 2.5” deep consult factory for review of tray placement and design for feeding considerations.
Specifications from OEM brochure and equipped with are described to the best of our knowledge. ALL items should be confirmed by buyer.

General Specifications:

18 in
14 in