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PET Specs

Breaker Plate-Model

1.1 Scope of supply

1 SJ-90 single screw extruder (L/D=38) 1 set
2 Oil lubrication system 1 set
3 Soft water cooling system 1 set
4 Vacuum system 1 set
5 Electric control cabinet 1 set
6 Hydraulic screen changer 1 set
7 Adapter 1 set
8 Three roll calendar 1 set
9 3 free standing roll temperature controllers 3 set
10 Cooling conveyor 1 set
11 Pull rolls unit 1 set
12 Winder 1 set
13 Spare parts

1.0 Technical specification

2.1 SJ-90 Single screw extruder (L/D=38)
Spec of production: Width=1041mm; thickness: 0.15-0.25mm
1) Screw diameter: φ90mm L/D=38:1 double vented with vacuum pump.
2) Max. rotary screw speed is 128rpm
3) Material: bimetallic barrel and alloy surfaced bimetallic screw
4) Vent design: 2 vents. Degasification will be supplied for both vents,
vacuum pump etc.
5) Gear ratio of gear reducer: 14:1. Gear reducer is an oversized heat
exchanger for cooling the oil, WITH OIL PUMP AND PRESSURE GAUGE and also
an oil filter is mounted. All bearings in the gear reducer will be high quality SKF
brand. (and / including FAG, NKG, other German, USA, or Japanese bearings as
needed, to be determined for UPSTACK OPERATION)
6) Extruder is mounted on a platform to match centerline of bottom and
center roll for up stack operation.
7) The power of the main
9) The extruder drive motor is ABB, with ABB VFD inverter, is 110kw (AC),
and the inverter has the function of over-voltage / under-voltage protection.
Auxiliary external cooling fan for motor included.
10) The temperature control meter is the Japan RKC product which is digital
intelligent high-precision meter. The measurement and control of temperature is
accurate. The controlling temperature is +-1.5ºC.
11) Barrels are heated by cast aluminum heater and cooled by air-cooling system.

The motor of fan is 0.55kw. Total twelve zones, the power of cooling fan is

Base frame at appropriate height to support extruder sections with walkways
and safety rails along the extruders. It is made of structural steel and will be
secured to the floor around and under the extruder. Pressure sensor is Dynisco
brand. J type thermocouple.

2.2 Oil lubrication system
1) Oil pump power: 1.1KW
2) Lubrication oil model: Hai Brand 6402 made in Shanghai, medium load gear
oil, model: 85W/90GL-4.
3) Condenser model: SL-415
4) Lube oil pump model: NB-B16

2.3 Soft water system

1) The inside of barrel body employs soft water cooling, and the main inlet and
outlet pipes are copper plating.
2) Soft water box is apart from barrel body, convenient to clearing and
3) Holland JOCK solenoid valve, the solenoid valve control the circulation of
cooling water, the throttle valve control the flow of cooling water.
4) Type of cooling: water cooling
5) Cooling pump power: 0.75KW

2.4 Vacuum system

1) SK-1.8 water ring vacuum pump, Zibo Lianyi Vacuum Pump Factory(China)
2) Motor for driving power:3.85KW(AC)
3) Max inspiratory capacity: 108m³/h
4) The pipe connects vacuum pump and vacuum chamber is with one-way valve
to prevent the water backflow.
2.5 Electric control cabinet
3 phase 480V,AC 60Hz, 4 wires 3 wire + ground wire = (4 wire)
All instrumentation will be Japanese manufacture and electrical parts will be
where possible marked CSA but minimally will be labelled CE (European
standard). Supplier of electrical parts to be such as Telemechanique, Schneider
Electric, Siemens or other suppliers which can be supplied by Canadian electrical
suppliers. Panel door interlocks fitted into the main disconnect switches outside
the panel doors. The motor controller will be mounted in this panel. As all other
controls for the extruder. The control panel will have all heating zones in it
excluding the roll temperature control zones. Also on the panel face will be the
amp gauges for each zone, zone on / off switches, temperature controllers,
extruder screw rpm and two pressure readings from transducers supplied.
Pressure transducers will be of the manufacturer Dynisco, the panel will be
cooled by circulating ambient air via 4 cooling fans 6 inch (150mm diameter) in
diameter. The control panel will be fitted with “reactors / isolation transformers”
for the protection of electrical surge on the system, further “flash guards” will
cover the electrical connections i.e. terminal strips and open wiring locations as
is required by law. All wiring will be to wire panels (trays) where extruder and
other related wiring will be brought to the terminal panel for safety and ease of
installation and service, all terminals marked, and corresponding the terminals in
the main control panel. Terminal strips will be mounted on both the extruder
and in the control panel with all markings of wires as needed, with provision of
12 spare terminals on each unit, panel and extruder.

2.6 Plate-type hydraulic screen changer

One hydraulic slide plate screen changer to be supplied, including two positon of
flow path size of 100mm (4 inches) each side, hydraulic actuation, hydraulic
power pack with accumulator for fast changes, hoses and valve for operation,
manual type. Adapter from extruder to screen changer and screen changer to
die. Safety covers will protect the operator from burn injury on the open heated
slide plate of the screen changer.

2.7 Adapter

Two short “adapters” will be made and supplied connecting the die to the
extruder drawing by (Allied Dies ) which will be bored and contoured to make
smooth movement of polymer from the extruder to the die entry. (See item # 2.7
above). The internals of the adapter will be high polish chrome plated design
and will be electrically heated and controlled by one independent zone control.
For each adapter (2) controlled with independent controllers for each adapter.
i.e. extruder to screen changer and screen changer to die.

2.7a Sheet Die:

One sheet die manufactured by Extrusion Dies Inc. and rebuilt and
designed for use on PET extrusion. Die width is 44” (1118mm) lip width.

2.8 Three roll calendar with rail

Rolls will be built from Chromium Molybdenum high alloy steel which yield a
Rockwell hardness of 55 – 58 on the roll surface.
Top roller (500mm) 40Cr alloy steel
Middle roller (500mm) 40Cr alloy steel
Bottom roller (500mm) 40Cr alloy steel
Width of roller L=1270mm
Surface finishing Ra≤0.015μm (super mirror treatment)
Surface hardness HRC55
Chromium thickness 0.15-0.25mm
Motor speed governor German Hansen
Line speed ≤10m/min
Transmission power 3 X 1.5kw
Speed controller ABB frequency changer
Roller gap adjusting adopt manual operation worm rod
Three rollers style 30 degree oblique
Three roller wall-board whole steel side plates 120 mm thick.
Three roller bearings Japanese NSK
Revolving joint rotary unions: domestic
Driver of top and bottom roller: Precision screw, straight rail is imported from Japan.

2.9 Roll temperature controller

Cooling media Soft water
Temperature controlling range room temperature to 150℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Water pump Multi stage booster
Power 5.2kw

2.10 Cooling conveyor with rail

Length: 6m
The full width of the conveyor to be 1500m wide and the roller width to be 1400
Roller material: aluminum roller, oxidation treatment, polishing
Spec: Φ70×1500
Cutting device: 3 cutters each on two cutting stations, two for edge trim and one
center cutting pcs of disc cutter are adjustable(installed between the two
traction rollers)

2.11 Pull rolls unit with rail

Specification(double tractions): 250mm*1470mm 4pcs
Material: rubber covered roller
Power: 1*1.5kw
Motor speed governor: ABB frequency inverter, which can
adjust the speed integrated together with three rollers or separately (pull rolls to
be wired electrically so that the motor of pull rolls can be set manually and then
when set. can be integrated into the roll speed of the roll calendar last
discharge roll.)

2.12 Two position vertical stack winder with rail

Driver torque motor, torque is about 10 N.m
Form double station combine style To be two position center shaft
rewind, with torque motors and controls mounted on the winder station
itself, winder to be suitable to make roll diameters up to 1170mm minimum
and torque motors for suitable winding with rolls of 1450mm width capacity.
Control auto fixed-length counting
Rolling diameter 1100mm
Spec paper tube core 3 inch winding shafts to be such to be airlock type
shafts and locking chucks to hold shaft in position.
Speed: 0.5-5m/min 0.5 – 10 meter winding speed.

2.13 Spare parts

1) Electric heater Closed high temperature heater 1 pair
(one heater each for adapters on extruder to screen changer and one on
screen changer to die)
Open high temperature heater 1 pair
Die head heater 1 pair
2) Reinforced oil seal 3 pieces
3) “O” shaped ring 2 pieces
4) Tool box 1 unit
5) Copper barΦ30x250mm 1 piece
6) Gloves 2 pieces

2.14 Technical documents included
Specifications from OEM brochure and equipped with are described to the best of our knowledge. ALL items should be confirmed by buyer.