Used 2015 Visual CTR A Series Radiant Panel Heating Skin Packaging Machine 18'' x 24''

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CTR A Series
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Standard Features:

Programmable logic control
Operator interface color touch screen including:
Cycle start delay
Preheat time delay
Preheat time
Heat hold time
Vacuum delay time
High speed vacuum time
Low speed vacuum time
Film cut-off time
Preheat override function
Cycle counter
Film frame manual lock/un-lock function
Film frame manual up / down function
Card in-feed manual forward/return function
Card out-feed manual out/return function
Heat zone controls
Semi-Automatic cycle mode
Automatic cycle mode
Fault alarms

Main power disconnect with lockout
Radiant panel heating system
Multizone moveable oven
Automatic oven drive with deceleration system
Automatic card in-feed station
Automatic vacuum screen/board lift off system
Automatic film frame open/close clamp system
Automatic card eject system
Automatic film cut-off system
Remote cycle start push button
Emergency-stop push buttons
Film roll cradle
Filter / Regulator / Pressure Gauge
Powder coated charcoal grey


230 Volts / 3 Phase / 40 Amps                      

110 Volts DC

Heating system:
Radiant heater panels 9.4 KW

Number of heating zones :

Turbine vacuum system
1 @ 100 CFM

In-feed / Out-feed system:
AC drive & timing belts

Maximum board size:
18” X 24”

Film width:

Maximum product height:

Air requirements:
.62 SCF @ 100 psi

Air inlet size:
¼” NPT female

Cycle time:
Variable 35 to 50 seconds

Approximate dimensions:(Base machine) :
63.0” D X 120.0” L  X 72.0” H

Working height:

Approximate weight: (Base machine) :
1600 Lbs.


The CTR-A Series skin packaging machines are designed for medium to higher volume applications. They incorporate an automatic board/product in-feed system, retractable radiant panel heating system touch screen controlled for precise heat distribution and an automatic packaged board discharge system. The CTR-A series skin packaging machine are PLC time controlled for precision repeatability. These machines are a sturdy welded steel construction with removable panels for servicing.  The CTR-A Series are available in the standard sizes and also custom sizes.
The operator places the board on the in-feed bed, loads product and depresses the cycle start button to initiate the automatic skin cycle. The board/products are automatically advanced in to the vacuum pan. At the end of the film heat and vacuum cycle, the film frame un-locks and opens. The automatic eject advances, clamps the board and proceeds to pull out the board. The hot wire film cut-off  separates the board from the film web. . A new section of film has automatically been loaded into the clamping frame during this process. The film frame rises up and a new cycle could be initiated if the operators has loaded a new board and products on the in feed table.
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General Specifications:

24 in
18 in