New Visual CT-1824 Skin Packager

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New Visual Model CT 1824
Machine illustrated with optional casters with levelling pads.
Standard Features:

Programmable logic control
Operator interface color touch screen including:
Preheat time
Heat hold time
Vacuum delay time
High vacuum time
Low Vacuum time
Film cut-off time
Preheat override function
Cycle counter
Manual frame up / down function
Semi-Automatic cycle mode
Automatic cycle mode
Warning ALARMS
Main power on / off switch
Cycle start push button
Emergency-stop push button
Automatic film cut-off system
Tubular Quartz impulse heating system
Vacuum turbine speed control(s)
Automatic high/low vacuum system
Manual in feed table
Manual out-feed table
Filter / Regulator / Gauge
Powder coated charcoal grey


The CT Series skin packaging machines are designed for low to medium volume applications. They incorporate a stationary heating system with instant on/off heaters, which come up to heat instantly during cycles and turn off for loading/unloading. The CT skin packaging machines have PLC timer control for precision repeatability and an accurate turbine regulator. These machines are a sturdy welded steel construction with removable panels for servicing. The CT Series is available in the standard sizes beginning with 18 inches by 24 inches and also in custom sizes.
The operator places the master card on the machine bed, loads product and depresses the cycle start button to initiate the automatic skin cycle. At the end of the cycle, the operator opens the film clamping frame, pulls the finished card to the right side of the machine and closes the film clamping frame. The automatic hot wire cut-off cuts the film and the frame rises up to heating position. A new section of film has automatically been loaded into the clamping frame during this process. The finished skin card is now ready for die cutting, if necessary, on one of our RT or VT Series
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General Specifications:

24 in
18 in