Used 2006 Thermwood CS45 CNC Router

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5'x10' Moving Gantry with a machined aluminum Table
Single-zone acrylic vacuum plenum, and manual Pop-up Pins
122" X 74.2" Y axis travel
High Performance closed loop AC Servo motors driving precision Ball Screws on
all Axes with feed speeds up to 1,2000 IPM on the X & Y Axis.
Way & Ball Screw Bearings serviced by an automatic lubrication system.

Equipped With
Year 2006
460 Volt three phase, 60 hz 32 amps
Fixed table moving gantry router design
Table size 60" x 120"
All axis ball screw drive with feed rates up to 1,200 inches/min
(1) Vertical HSD air cooled Electro-router spindle
10 Hp inverter driven motor with spindle speed range 3,000 to 24,000 rpm
ISO-30 spindle mount
(1) 5 space at the head ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)
Max tool diameter 2" with a max 3" tool length at front ATC
(1) Rear table mounted 7 space ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)
Please note that the aluminum ATC mounting plate has been repaired
Automatic tool length measurement pad mounted on the right hand carriage
(The pad automatically measure the tool length in the router head)
Automatic machine lubrication system
Heavy duty ball screws drive system with THK linear bearings
Table work height 31-1/2"
Side and front pneumatic pop up location bars
Hand held machine positioning and controller unit
Freestanding computer and printer control cabinet
Gen2 Super Control operating system
Color display with keyboard
Air conditioned electrical cabinet system
Front mounted bar code and printer station
Mircosoft Windows XP Professional computer operating system
Thermwood Gen2 Super Control
Intel Pentium 4CPU 3.00 Ghz
512 MB of RAM
(6) ISO-30 tool holders with 1/8", 1/4", 5 mm, 3/8" and 1/2" collets
(1) ISO-30 tool holder changing fixture with arbor wrench
Includes the machine operators manuals and CD ROM
Buyers should note that the machine was ordered with the rotary playback device for doing 4 axis work between lathe centers
The software and controls are preloaded into the machine
Additional software can be downloaded directly from Thermwood
S/N CS450960706
Model VTLF-400
Year 2006
13.2 Kw, 208-266/370-460 volt three phase
Inlet capacity 400 M3/H
Vacuum 250 Mbar
Single inlet filter canister
S/N 2065906

Model Rotary Playback
Max workpiece diameter 8"
Max workpiece length between centers 56"
The unit is designed specifically for reproducing furniture components
The device plugs into the routers 4th axis control
Control software and assorted part programs can be downloaded from Thermwood
Specifications from OEM brochure and equipped with are described to the best of our knowledge. ALL items should be confirmed by buyer.

General Specifications:

120 in
60 in