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SBS 2436
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Model SBS 2436 according to the following specifications:
The frame of the machine will be built of heavy-duty aluminum extrusion
The maximum forming area will be 22” x 34”
The fully adjustable manual clamping frame will accommodate a maximum sheet size of 24”x 36”
Heating of the material will be provided by energy efficient ceran glass heaters panels with a heat density of 15 watts per square inch, with a total of 12 independently controlled heating zones, 6 top and 6 bottom ,control of each zone will be done by the PLC. Each heating zone is driven by a solid state relay with an independent breaker. Upon start up the heaters go through a soft start sequence, reducing the electric power peak demand.
Each function of the machine will be controlled by an Automation Direct PLC with a touch screen operator interface. Our set of control functions is the most advanced in the industry. Using the touch screen you are able to store up to 30 different part recipes.
The control system of the machine allows for manual - set up - automatic operation. For an operating manual you may visit the manuals section in our web site,
To prevent energy waste, if the start pushbutton has not been activated for an hour the heaters are shut off automatically, if the start button is activated after the period of time, heaters will come back on.
The platen as well as the clamping frame are mounted on linear bearings that ride on hardened shafts.
The bottom platen will have a stroke 12”, the top platen will have a stroke of 24” both with fully adjustable speed controls and length of travel
Cooling of the material will be provided by 1, 3250 cfm cooling fan.
The vacuum system consists of a 0.97 HP Becker vacuum pump with a displacement of 11 CFM and a 30 gallon accumulating tank. We provide all of our machines with high flow pilot operated vacuum valves with a diameter of 1”. Our vacuum valves are controlled in such a way that they can provide pulsating vacuum to reduce material webbing when running tall male molds. You can control duration of each pulse, interval between pulses and number of pulses.
The air eject valve has it’s own independent air pressure regulator.
The air valve installed in the machine usually provides air eject but it can also be programmed to create a bubble to pre stretch the material
We include a flexible vacuum hose, 1” diameter, to connect to the vacuum box supplied with the machine
The machine includes easy to clean side’s guards.
We will include an operating manual, as well as full documentation of parts used and electrical schematics.
The machine requires a 60 amps. 240 volts three phase power supply. Other voltages available
The footprint is 62” wide” x 68” long.
Specifications from OEM brochure and equipped with are described to the best of our knowledge. ALL items should be confirmed by buyer.

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