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Whether it's liquidating an entire manufacturing facility, disposing of surplus equipment, or determining value for financing…

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These common questions can be answered by our staff in order to know how to proceed. "How much is my used plastics equipment worth? How long will it take to sell the equipment.? What is the difference between Forced Liquidation and Orderly Liquidation Values?" If you have questions, let Plastimach Corp's experienced team of appraisers get you answers. No one is more qualified to evaluate your industrial assets than we are. We buy and sell used plastics equipment every day and can provide you the “true value”, not the wish-list pricing others may offer. We realize you need to make a decision and want answers quickly; our staff is ready to help.

An auction is the most pure form of a free market. The seller offers an item to an interested group of buyers. They decide the true value of that item by bidding against each other until only one buyer is left. This way the true market value is attained. The item is not offered for sale at too high of a price without any interested buyers; nor, is it sold too low and loses potential profit. The auctioneer not only acts as the intermediary between buyer and seller, but in today's environment is also responsible for attracting those interested buyers. Attracting interested buyers is the key to a successful auction, and in today's fast paced, always changing, global economy it isn't always easy. For this reason it is crucial to choose an auction company that has experience with the equipment that is auctioned.

Types of Auctions

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There are two main types of auctions we feel work best for our clients..

The main difference is in the auction company's compensation.

The most common auction is a Commission Auction. In a commission auction the seller receives the most money. The auction company is paid from a buyer's premium (usually 15%) collected above the selling price, plus a predetermined amount for expenses related to the auction. The seller receives all funds less sale expenses. This is the oldest, truest method of auctioning.

The second type is a Split Auction.

In this method, the auction company guarantees the seller a predetermined amount of money. If the auction brings less than that amount the auction company has to pay the seller, and if it brings more, the seller and auction company split the overage. In this type of auction, the auction company still collects a buyer's premium and expenses, plus any overages. This is a safe way of guaranteeing the seller a predetermined amount of money.

Allow us the opportunity to discuss your situation when it becomes apparent that an auction is the best method to dispose of your equipment. The auction method also puts the responsibility of the buyer to pay all removal costs associated with his purchase.

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