PlastiMach Corp on March 26, 2021

Before Buying a Thermoformer

Before Buying a Thermoformer

It is easy to get confused when shopping for a THERMOFORMER so many brands, features, price ranges, and more. It can be hard to know where to start! So let’s break down some key elements to consider when looking for the best machine for you.


There are a few main brands that you are going to see when you go browsing for a new machine:Brown, Maac, BROWN, Lyle, Comet Irwin when considering brand, you want to think about how the machine is constructed and where the machine is made. In terms of where the machine is manufactured, consider whether having a product created in America important to you. If it is, then seek out a US manufacturer with “Made in America” on the box.


I always tell my customers that thermoformers are a lot like cars. They all do the same thing, but they are not all the same. Think ahead to the kinds of projects you might be interested in doing and match a machine with your needs. Some have the options  What you want to avoid doing is getting a machine so basic that you out grow it quickly. And on the other hand, do not get talked into more machine that you know you would want with more features than you need. And just like with a car, give every machine you are considering a test drive!


The reality is, quality thermoforming machines are not cheap. Again, think about it like a car. I cannot afford the most expensive car on the lot, but I also do not want to buy the cheapest thing out there and be bummed that I shot too low right out of the gate. You want to get the best machine for your money. Mid-range  machines will cost from under $1000,000. Just have realistic expectations on how well it will perform versus a more expensive machine. The more you spend, typically the better the end result.

The other option is to consider a used machine which will save you 50% of new, provide you immediate availabilty and put you in operation immediately