Used FH4163-100M, Bed size 41.3” D x 63” W with Single Automated Slide Table and Pad Shifter on the Head, 100 Ton

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A four-post hydraulic press producing 100 metric (110 U.S.) tons of cutting force, with two cylinders mounted over cross members linked end to end with torsion bars. This mechanical balancing system ensures that the maximum cutting force of the press can be delivered across the entire cutting area of the machine, and keeps the bed and bridge parallel even under asymmetrical (unbalanced) loads, which, in turn, reduces mis-cuts and damaged parts and provides for longer tool and pad life. This hydraulic press can deliver its total force during the entire down stroke.
 Model
: USA FH4163-100M
 Cutting Force
: 100 Metric (110 U.S.)Tons
 Main Motor
: 15 HP
 Machine Bed
: 41.3” D x 63” W (1050 x 1600 mm)
 Effective Cutting Area
: 39.4” D x 57.1” W (1000 x 1450 mm)
 Cutting Stroke
: 7.1” (180 mm)
 Max. Daylight
: 9.8” (250 mm)
 Power
: 220 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle
 Single Automated Slide Table – The automated slide table moves material into and out of the die cutting press. A motorized shuttle table is used to reduce operator fatigue and insures that the material and cutting die consistently cut in the same position. This allows for a more efficient production environment.
 2 HP Frequency Converter Cushioning System for Automated Slide Table – Uses an AC motor controlled by the frequency converter. This device varies the voltage and cycles going to the motor to provide a soft start and stop. It is also used to control distance at high speed. An encoder is used so the motor is instructed when to go slow or fast and where to stop for accurate positioning.
 Polypropylene Cutting Pad and Oscillating Pad Shifter Mounted on the Head – The oscillating pad shifter greatly improves cutting pad life by moving the cutting pad after each cut.
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General Specifications:

100 T
41.3 in
63 in