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Water temperature control units circulate temperature stabilized water through the process for process temperature control.
The temperature control range of this unit is 30°F - 250°F.
A pump circulates water through the process. A heater and a cooling valve work together to control the water temperature.
This temperature control unit requires a plant water supply source.
Temperature control units are portable, built on casters to easily move the unit between processes.


VT-3300-LXG (1)

Heater (2)
kW : 16
Process Pump
HP : 3
GPM : 78
PSI : 28
Full Load Amperage (3)
230/3/60 : 47.8
460/3/60 : 23.9
575/3/60 : 20.0
Connection Sizes
To Process : 1-1/4"
From Process : 1-1/4"
Water Supply : 1/2"
Drain : 1/2"
Height : 28-1/4"
Width : 12-1/2"
Depth : 19-1/2"
Weight (5)
Shipping : 225 lbs

Specification Notes:

1. Since product innovation and improvement is our constant goal, all features and specifications are subject to change without notice or liability. Selection of certain optional features may change listed specifications.
2. Derate heater output by 25% for 208/3/60 operation.
3. Full load amps are higher than run load amps and must be used for sizing disconnects and supply wiring. Not for construction. Consult factory for power requirements of unit as configured and on selected options.
4. Consult factory for 50HZ operation.
5. Unit weight crated for shipment.


Process Pump
3 HP process pump
Stainless steel shaft
Horizontal motor extends bearing and seal life
ODP (open drip proof) motor
Pump seal flush line
Custom designed impeller and casing
High grade mechanical contactor with over current, phase loss and short circuit protection
Cooling Vavle
PVT™ Solenoid Valve
Pulsed by the microprocessor controller
16 kW
Stainless steel sheath
Built-In flange for bolt-in mounting
Mechanical contactor
Control Instrument
Controls temperature from
30°F to 300°F
Cabinetry & Frame
Stainless steel panels
Hinged electrical cabinet door
Lift-off mechanical cover
Portable, on castors

System Limits
Water supply pressure switch
Process pump motor overload protection
Process pressure relief valve
High temperature limit protection
Control circuit fuse
DIN rail mounted electrical components
UL approved components
Nema 1 electrical construction
Pressure Gauges
To process
From process
Heating & Cooling Cylinders
Twin cylinders - separate heating and suction tanks
Made from cast iron by custom molds
Reinforced bosses for process and ancillary connections
NPT process connections
Each cylinder is flanged mounted to the pump casing
Lifetime on the pump seal
4 Years on the control instrument
2 Years on the cooling valve
2 Years on the mechanical system


Control Instrument
SPI communications cable - 20'
'300°F' Instrument Upgrade
Changes Model to VT-3300--LXG
'LS' Control Instrument
Changes Model to VT-3300-LS
'LXT' Control Instrument
Changes Model to VT-3300-LXT
Process Pump
3/4 HP @ 35 GPM
Changes Model to VT-3300--LXG
1 HP @ 45 GPM
Changes Model to VT-3100--LXG
1-1/2 HP @ 65 GPM
Changes Model to VT-3150--LXG
2 HP @ 75 GPM
Changes Model to VT-3200--LXG
5 HP @ 90 GPM
Changes Model to VT-3500--LXG
7-1/2 HP @ 100 GPM
Changes Model to VT-3750--LXG
10 kW
Changes Model to VT-2300--LXG
24 kW
Changes Model to VT-4300--LXG
34 kW
Changes Model to VT-5300--LXG

High dB Audible Alarm
Visual / audible beacon
Power Disconnect Switch
Total Non-Ferrous Unit
Closed Circuit Cooling
Closed Circuit Cooling With Expansion Tank
Mold Purge
Dual Zone dolly with water manifold and/or single electrical connection
Stacking Stand with water manifold and/or single electrical connection
Cabinetry & Frame
Rear Panel Cover

Control Instrument

LXG Series
Simple menu driven controller
LCD display
Home screen includes continuous setpoint and to process temperature
% Heating or Cooling indication on home screen
Standard shut down pump seal cooling feature
User configurable automatic start-up venting
Out-of-spec alarm including standard audible signal
Selectable SPI or Modbus RTU communication
Optional Modbus TCP communication
Drop in replacement for older Advantage LE series control instrument
For process fluid temperature up to 250°F
Operates exclusive AVT modulating cooling valve
Selectable °F or °C temperature display
Optional : High temperature fluid capability to 300°F
Optional : Flow meter with flow rate display
Specifications from OEM brochure and equipped with are described to the best of our knowledge. ALL items should be confirmed by buyer.

General Specifications:

3 hp