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Do you know what blister packaging is?

Do you know what blister packaging is?

Blister packaging is a term  used to package  several types of pre-formed thermoformed plastic parts for consumer goods, and for pharmaceuticals

.The primary component is a  blister  which is a thermoformed  part which is then adhered to a pre printed board or a lidding material such as tyvek..

The plastic thermoformed blister is dropped into the blister sealer so it will fit tightly into a  heat sealing tray where the product to be packaged is placed in the heat sealer

A preprinted card is placed on top of the blister and then indexed into the heat sealer ; The blister is affixed to the card using heat and pressure to activate an adhesive (heat seal coating) on the blister card. The adhesive is strong enough so that the pack may hang on a peg, but weak enough so  that the package can be easily opened.

Medical Blister applications use a  lidding film  that provides a peel-open feature and is generally porous to allow sterilization (Tyvek material). These medical blister packs are used for medical devices, used in hospitals.


Thermoforming is when a plastic film or sheet heated by an oven. A blister  is formed when the hot sheet goes over the  blister cavity mold, vacuum is turned on and a thermoformed part is formed… The mold is cooled  and the plastic sheet takes the shape of the mold. The finished part is then trimmed into individual pieces or blisters and then  placed in a heat sealing machine .to produce a packaged product.

Various blister sealing machines, production and table top.  These  standard, blister sealing machines are adaptable to specific blister sealing applications depending on the volume of parts you wish to produce. There are a variety of heat seal press platen sizes, as well as shuttle and rotary blister sealing machines that you can choose from. All the blister sealing machines have safety features build in such as low pressure safety descent with high pressure seal. Manufacturers of blister sealing machine are Alloyd, Algus, Atlas Vac,  Starview Packaging,

Visual Packaging, Sencorp Belco, and Zed. This type of equipment can be purchased new or used.  Additional information is available through Plastimach Corp