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Pre-owned, surplus or used machines are attractive because they reduce costs and delivery is prompt. Buying used is a good idea for business for many reasons, including potential tax benefits. Here are a few tips to ensure a successful purchase:

Work with a seller you can trust. Ask how long the dealer has been in business.  Request references from the seller and check them out. Visit the sellers’ websites.

Physically Inspect the machine.  In most cases,  you should inspect the machine and ask questions about usage and what, if any, repairs are necessary.  Find out whether the seller will help arrange shipping .. If you are not inspecting the machine, you would be wise to buy from a dealer in whom you have confidence.

Get it in writing.  Once you’ve reached an agreement, have the seller confirm everything in writing.     Be sure to double-check the specifications-description of the machine, price, payment terms, as well as arrangements for freight


Thermoformers, Vacuum Formers,  CNC Routers,  Hydraulic presses, Die Cutting Equipment, Heat Sealers, Medical Blister Packaging, Inline thermoformers, Rotary thermoformers, Doublend thermoformers